Preparing for a Serious Health Event, 2019

Preparing for a Serious Health Event

This Handbook was developed by members to provide useful information about preparing for a serious illness, including completing legal health documents, safety proofing one’s home, knowing one’s health benefits, navigating the health care system (with an addendum on doing so during the Covid-19 epidemic), dealing with hospitalization and surgeries, finding aftercare, handling emergencies, and end of life wishes. It also details becoming and accessing a trained health advocate to be an integral part of a member’s health care support team

When You Need Help in Your Home, 2019

This Wider Horizons pamphlet contains information to help members plan for and obtain a variety of options for quality and affordable home care depending on the health needs that arise

Assisted Living Bookshelf, 2020

What is a Virtual Village for Elders? 2019

History of Villages, 2020

Wider Horizons – A Powerful Model, 2020

A slideshow that tells our story to date and how we think about sustainability

Wider Horizons Becoming a Member Driven Organization (video)

Wider Horizons evolved in a thoughtful and strategic manner towards a more member-driven organization. A webinar presented for Village to Village Network .

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