Housing Options Handbook, 2022

Many things change as we age. While change can be difficult, it can also be exhilarating and reveal new opportunities. This handbook, developed by our members, provides useful answers when considering whether to stay where you are living by adapting your home to make it safe and manageable, or move to a different housing situation that meets your evolving needs.

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When You Need Help in Your Home, 2019

This Wider Horizons pamphlet contains information to help members plan for and obtain a variety of options for quality and affordable home care depending on the health needs that arise

Preparing for a Serious Health Event

Preparing for a Serious Health Event, 2019

This Handbook was developed by members to provide useful information about preparing for a serious illness, including completing legal health documents, safety proofing one’s home, knowing one’s health benefits, navigating the health care system (with an addendum on doing so during the Covid-19 epidemic), dealing with hospitalization and surgeries, finding aftercare, handling emergencies, and end of life wishes. It also details becoming and accessing a trained health advocate to be an integral part of a member’s health care support team



Assisted Living Bookshelf, 2020

What is a Virtual Village for Elders? 2019

History of Villages, 2020

Reflections on Ageism, by Nancy Hooyman, MSW, PhD. Dean Emeritus, University of Washington School of Social Work, 2022

Wider Horizons – A Powerful Model, 2020

A slideshow that tells our story to date and how we think about sustainability