• Women's Wine and Dine
  • Book Group
    Monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 10:30 am
    Currently by Zoom, Reading List
    Nancy Robb
  • Bridge Group
    Monthly (taking a break)
    Chris Morris
  • Co-Cooking
    Periodically as arranged in members’ homes
    Ann Lawrence
  • Garden Group
    Monthly activities in “season”
    Eleanor Dills
  • Happy Hour
    Monthly, beginning summer 2021
    Denise Klein
  • Magazine Group
    Monthly, beginning fall 2021
    Eleanor & Scott Dills
  • Members Without Children
    Denise Lishner
  • Memories, Dreams, and Reflections
    Monthly, members share writing
    Ann Lawrence
  • Men Drinking Coffee
    Different days
    Different locations
    Charles Heaney
  • Pods(based on geographic area of residence)
    Each pod meets on its own schedule and with its own format
    Members may join any pod
    There are four extant pods: 3, 5, 6, 7
  • Scrabble
    Monthly resuming later in 2021
    Debbie Ward
  • Somesuch Players
    Meets monthly, 3rd Wednesday, 1:00pm to read a new play
    Victoria Bestock
  • Speaking of Death…
    Four different small groups (each on its own schedule)
    meet as members desire
    groups are self-organizing
  • Storytellers
    Monthly, 3rd Friday, 4:00 – 5:00 pm (resumes in fall)
    Denise Klein
  • Warm for Winter
    Monthly, 3rd Friday, 10 am
    Joan Bergman

For more information, contact
Denise Klein, Executive Director
206 605 3586


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