Elders are fully treasured as an integral and contributing part of our vibrant, caring community where all of us are comfortable, connected, useful, and respected.


  • High-Quality Member Services
  • Open-Hearted Giving and Receiving
  • Economic, Racial, and Social Justice
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Aging in Place
  • Interdependence
  • Intergenerational Relationships and Participation
  • Community Engagement
  • Support of Arts, Culture


Our mission is to enable older residents of Central Seattle to participate in an intergenerational community that shares knowledge, experience, and services with each other so living is easier and more joyful.


We will define how the organization can best support current and new members to age successfully
We will develop and implement a clear succession plan for the leadership of Wider Horizons
We will grow our membership to between 100 and 125 members in the next three years
We will develop strategies to:Diversify our membership in terms of race, income, gender, and sexual orientationRecruit younger members
We will strengthen our capacity to support members who are isolated and may be homebound
We will maintain a sustainable, stable financial foundation through membership dues and an array of effective fundraising activities
We will help members:Find and/or become health advocatesUnderstand available housing optionsMake their present homes saferPrepare for serious health events and other life changes
We will improve communication between and among members, member groups, Board, and staff
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