Dear Wider Horizons Members and Friends,

Wider Horizons Events and Information

1.     The Low Vision Support Group meets on Zoom at 4 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25:  All are welcome!

2.     Wednesday is a big day! Start with the Women’s Coffee Group at 10:30 am at Victrola on 15th Ave E, organized by Ann Lawrence and Pat Siggs. Then move on to our first ever Wider Horizons Members Visual Art show from 1 – 4 pm at the Russian Community Center (19th and Roy). Use the attached invitation to invite your friends. Door prizes include knitted shawls, a painted wine bottle bag, adult knitted hats, and an Ikebana lesson in your home! Organizers Julie Anderson and Wren Campbell can answer your questions.

3.     Thursday morning’s Member and Friends Zoom led by Sue Lerner (October 27 at 9:30 am) will be held as usual. Sue will send out the Zoom link and the questions on Wednesday.

4.     Join the Friday walking group at 11 am. Park/meet at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery on Capitol Hill for a seasonal cemetery walk that includes the Lakeview Cemetery. Check with me or organizers Eleanor Dills or Ann Lawrence for details.

Members and Friends Share Information

  1. Kay Beisse thanks you for coming to the Gun Violence Forum yesterday. For both those who attended and those who couldn’t, she suggests checking this event out: A Grand Conversation: Women on Guns, tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct 25th, 5:00 pm, on Zoom, moderated by Naomi Ishisaka of The Seattle Times. Register at  Also of interest is this website:
  2. From Sylvie Kashdan: “A good friend of mine, Kelly, and her partner (both employed assisting adults with cognitive disabilities) are hoping to find a two-bedroom rental in Seattle. They will be sharing their living space with an adult woman with a cognitive disability. Unfortunately, despite doing important work, like so many others, their wages leave them challenged by Seattle rental rates. I would like to help her find an affordable place to rent. Anyone who has rental ideas can contact me at I can talk on the phone about it, too, but it’s better to start with an e-mail because I have a slight hearing impairment.”
  3. From Rick Grossman: “Are you a creative maker-type?  I want to make my P-Patch plot into a mini-greenhouse over the winter. I have the plastic and a number of poles & supports but need help doing it from someone handy enough to think how it can handle the wind, and let me work in it, without bending too much. I’ve already got my Fava Beans and Peas in. Next beets, radishes, broccoli rabe, Asian greens, violets, Swiss chard, tree kale, arugula, etc.” Contact Rick at  
  4. From Janet Tufts: “My friend Ellen Wallach collects calendars we all get in the mail and usually toss. She takes them to New Beginnings, a nonprofit that offers counseling and housing for victims of domestic violence. The calendars are used to teach goal setting and achievement and appointment scheduling. You don’t need them, so pass them on to women who do! Between now and mid-November collect the calendars and give them to me. I’ll deliver them to New Beginnings. Ask your friends to save them, too. Don’t throw out your calendars. We hate waste!”
  5. Also from Janet “I love the Tai Chi class described in the attached flyer, 1 pm on Saturdays at the MLK Community Center. The leader is very good and has quite a following.
  6. Denise Lishner recommends this last in the David Domke public lecture series for this year, tonight at 5 pm: The US Senate for All the Marbles: It’s the Judges:
  7. From our friend Mort Kondracke: “I hope you’ll attend this event–a presentation by Joshua Graham Lynn, CEO of Represent.US, America’s leading (and non-partisan) political reform organization. It’s Wednesday, Oct 26, 6 pm at Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, Seattle.
  8. Last, for some lighter fare, from Bob Anderson: “With all the seriousness of the political season, I thought it would be fun to share a playful video of a dog jumping into a pile of autumn leaves. This yellow lab is much like our family dog of years ago. The video is 3 minutes long but worth waiting till the final frame.” 😊

Whew! More announcements to follow later today. Stay tuned. It’s a busy season.

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