Wider Horizons Events and Information

  1. From Audrey Hansen2024 Postcardingstarts at 10:30 am, Tuesday, January 2 @ Oxbow Bakery, 2407 24th Ave East. Fragrance-free please. Calendar this important event for every Tuesday in 2024 until early October. We have supplies for you!  Buy a coffee, join us, support democracy. 
  2. From Michael Kischner: Happy New Year as our coffee gatherings move on into 2024!  On Wednesday, January 3, at 10:00 am,we will be meeting at Victrola at 411 – 15th Av East. All are welcome. Note that much of the parking in the area has switched to paid parking, most easily done on Pay by Phone.
  3. From Ann Lawrence: Our wonderful women will be gathering at the Oxbow this Wednesday, the 3rd at 10:30 am.  I’m hoping to see lots of lovely, lively friends.
  4. Thursday morning’s All-Member Zoomis happening, per usual, this Thursday, January 4, at 9:30 am. Sue Lerner will send out the link and questions on Wednesday.
  5. Happy Hour at Jimmy’s (at the Silver Cloud Inn, Broadway and Madison—with free parking)is next Sunday, January 7 at 4 pm. Please join us to toast the New Year!
  6. For next week: Fiber Art Enthusiastswill gather on Tuesday, January 9 – 10:30-noon in-person at Fred Lind Manor/Capitol Hill. We keep insecurely housed little ones “Warm For Winter” with handmade hats and blankets and/or work on personal projects. All levels welcome, drop in visitors encouraged, and warm conversation guaranteed. For more info, contact Joan Bergman: jmbergman43@comcast.net  
  7. Preparing for Storytelling on January 18and again on February 15 at 4 pm: No January theme but we need storytellers. Your story can be 10-12 minutes. February’s theme is Friends and/or Lovers: Lost or Lost and Found. These will be shorter stories, 5 minutes, which means we can have more of them. Think about your past and people who you regretted losing. Or, how about the joy you felt when you reconnected with someone from your past who meant a lot to you.

Members and Friends Share Information

1.       From Wendy Carlson: In a British Town, a new way of caring for older people is bringing hope https://www.nytimes.com/2023/12/29/world/europe/uk-social-care-nhs.html?smid=nytcore-android-share

2.    This, from Eric Johnson: I thought walkers were a crutch for weak old ladies — not me. Then I discovered that getting one would set me free: https://wapo.st/4aDH2YI

3.       From The New York Times via Ann Lawrence: Knitting Helps Us Embrace Life’s Messy Imperfections: Crafters across Britain speak to how knitting can help us heal, even at our most broken. Click below for article & video: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/12/26/opinion/knitting-healing.html?smid=em-share

4.       Several of us were founders of the Northwest Center for Creative Aging, a dynamic organization that has much to offer. I’m attaching their latest newsletter, Another Year, Another Chance, with a lovely opening piece by Rebecca Crichton, NWCCA’s dynamic Executive Director. You can sign up by giving your email address and check out what they have to offer. [Note: The message cannot be uploaded to this website.  Instead, visit NWCCA’s home page to see similar content:  NWCCA Home Page ]

5.       Maybe this is the year you get serious about decluttering! The attached article, Guide to Getting Ride of Almost Anything, may help.