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   Central Seattle's Village for Life!  

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What's happening at Wider Horizons!
What's happening at Wider Horizons!
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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The things we accomplish together: A short list of tasks that members and volunteers do together to make life easier and more joyful
The things we accomplish together: A short list of tasks that members and volunteers do together to make life easier and more joyful

Wider Horizons makes asking for help simple and friendly. Each time we ask for help, and each time we volunteer, we strengthen the bonds of our community.


To make a service request, click here. To volunteer, click here.


Advice on outdoor lighting Advice on installing grab bars

Advice on restoring a medicine cabinet

Air conditioner installation

Assemble a storage bin Awesome tomatoes

Bring groceries Buy a laptop

Declutter and downsize Dog walking

Feed cat just that one day the catsitter can’t come

Find a place to stay in Queen Anne for a retreat

Hang heavy artwork Healthcare advocacy

Help finding an affordable home Help relocate to new home

Help potting plants Help with PT

Home office organization Hook up a printer

Housesitting How to rid basement of rats

Laptop setup Light bulb cover fix, also screen door patch

Massage therapist referral Medical/dental referrals

Move summer clothes to other closet and bring out winter clothes

Passwords help Reading bills

Phone lessons Phone check-in after surgery

Photos storage online and Christmas newsletter design

Pick up a purchased bookcase Plastic around windows installation

Read the New Yorker aloud weekly

Recommendation for gutters Rid yard of invasives

Scrivener program lessons Sink stopper fix

Sort out boxes in basement – which to Goodwill, which to keep

Take cousin to airport Trim branches

Twitter lessons Website creation

Wills and other legal documents Wireless printer hookup


A new way to build a new community

while staying in the community you love

Aging doesn’t mean you have to relocate to an institution or move in with your children. 
Wider Horizons helps you age in place in the home you love. You are part of a cooperative virtual village, so you can continue to participate in life and community.

Share knowledge, experience, and services to make your life easier and more joyful. There’s plenty of life yet to live.
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Come see our office space!

The Rainier Center
1265 S. Main St. Suite 305D
Seattle, WA 98144 map
Phone:  206-641-9922
Front door faces Main Street and is secured by a code; call for admittance or use the phonepad outside the door.
Office hours are generally 10 am to 2 pm weekdays, but feel free to call us at 206 641-9922 to confirm.
On-street parking is FREE for two hours. 
Caution: Getting to our new space by car can be tricky! Click here for tips.
Stop on by and say hi, and enjoy our fantastic view of the Olympic Mountains!


 Central Seattle's Village for Life!


Our mission at Wider Horizons is to enable older residents of Central Seattle to participate in an intergenerational community with the information and social support you need to be at home for as long as possible, surrounded by what is beloved and familiar.

We are building a community of people who can give each other the support they need to age in place — or connect them with the resources that will make this possible.
As a member of Wider Horizons, you’ll receive a harmonious blend of health and in-home services, shared social and cultural activities, and community engagement — all designed to foster belonging, security and contribution.

Who can join Wider Horizons?

Anyone who lives in the Central Seattle zip codes 98101, 98102, 98104, 98112, 98122, and 98144.

Why join Wider Horizons?

You're getting older. You like living in Central Seattle. You want to stay in your own house, condo, or apartment but realize you need a little support to do so. You desire to meet people in the changing and diverse community around you.


Wider Horizons offers a supportive community, activities, and resources for an annual membership fee. Join so you can stay home as you age!

Why being a member of Wider Horizons is important

Some people choose to move to a warm climate retirement community. Many more, however, decide to remain in their own homes to stay close to family, friends,their community support systems and keep the life they’ve been building for themselves.


As reported by Forbes (Drevitch, 2013), aging in place is a goal many retirees are choosing, which means creating relationships and making the connections to remain at home.


Often very small things can make a difference in whether or not someone can remain comfortably in their home long-term, such as changing out light bulbs or fire alarm batteries.


Others are concerned about the ability to drive or take care of a yard. From a base of a strong community of relationships, Wider Horizons helps Central Seattle residents to be engaged and obtain services so they can flourish. 

Drevitch, G. (2013). How can we keep seniors in their homes for as long as possible? Retrieved from