Wider Horizons Events and Information  

1. Thursday morning’s Member and Friends Zoom led by Sue Lerner (Sept 29 at  9:30 am) will feature a discussion of the important PBS program The U.S. and  the Holocaust. See the attachment for the discussion questions. You can see  the Ken Burns 3-part documentary on PBS. It’s also available for on Apple TV.  Sue will send out the Zoom link and a reminder on Wednesday. 

2. Join your fellow walkers, led by Eleanor Dills, this coming Friday, September  30 at Seward Park at 11:00 am. Meet at the Audubon Tudor House located at  the entrance to the park (see attached map) and walk in a counterclockwise  direction around the perimeter or, if you prefer, explore the forested interior.  There are restaurants in the area if you’d like to extend the outing. Please let  Denise Klein know if you plan to attend and if you need transportation. All are  welcome! 

3. Join us for our monthly Happy Hour at Jimmy’s (corner of Broadway and  Madison) at 4 pm on Sunday, October 2. 

4. Ann Lawrence and Pat Siggs believe women as well as men can meet to drink  coffee or another beverage regularly. Join them, for what they hope will be the  first iteration of a regular group, on October 12 at Victrola on 15th Ave E at  10:30 am. See the attachment for more information. 

5. Joan Bergman invites you to join our Fiber Arts Group at the Russian  Community Center on October 21 at 10:30. See the attached flyer for details

6. From Julie Anderson and Wren Campbell comes an invitation to come to the  Wider Horizons Visual Arts Show on October 26 from 1 to 4 pm at the Russian  Community Center on 19th Ave E. at E. Roy St. Put the date on your calendars  and see the attached flyer for details. Contact Julie or Wren if you have visual  art to display. 

7. Janet Salsbury reminds us that she is here for us: Hello and Happy Fall! This is a  reminder that I am at your service through December. I can be reached at 206- 890-0829 and jsalsb@hotmail.com 

Members and Friends Share Information 

1. From Debbie Ward: I’ve finally admitted that getting a smaller house means  getting rid of LARGE rugs. I have two antique oriental rugs that I need to sell (9’  x 12’ and 10’ x 13’). I’d appreciate help finding someplace to sell them. Thanks  for any advice you can give.

2. Phil Gerson shared this interesting piece on Gerotranscendence, a theory that  gives us a path to combatting ageism. See attachment. 

3. On the lighter side, here is an amusing video of the corn kid:  https://tinyurl.com/bpaxz52d

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