The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict: A Forum with Donna Moodie, owner, Marjorie Restaurant

September 18, 2022

Donna Moodie has been building and strengthening communities in Seattle for over 20 years, first
through her restaurant and now through a variety of nonprofit and informal activities. Born in
Jamaica, raised in Chicago, and now actively engaged in both Capitol Hill and Central District
communities, Donna is well acquainted with the interconnectedness of social justice, community
building, and neighborhood activism. The Forum will focus on her work with the Capitol Hill

For many of us, this Forum will be a first chance to learn about the Capital Hill EcoDistrict. It
began in 2011 as an effort to address runaway growth in Seattle by ensuring that community
priorities are reflected in the significant developments changing the Capitol Hill and Central
District neighborhoods. As its website says, the EcoDistrict “is a community-driven effort that
promotes an environmentally resilient, socially equitable, and culturally vibrant neighborhood in
Seattle’s center city.” It was founded by Community Roots Housing (formerly Capitol Hill Housing)
and operates under its auspices. https://www.capitolhillecodistrict.org

What is an “EcoDistrict”? What area is covered by the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict? What does it do?
What action is it taking to meet its environmental, equity, and cultural goals? How can Wider
Horizons members get involved?

Donna will begin the Forum by providing information about the EcoDistrict and describing her vision
for it and for its community and neighborhoods. The Forum will open to a Q&A and conversation with
the audience. The Forum is organized by and will be moderated by Wider Horizons member, Anne Focke.
Two examples of the many Capitol Hill EcoDistrict projects:

Capitol Hill Connections A project to reduce pesticide use in Cal Anderson park, develop a corps of
“park stewards” to support pesticide-free park maintenance, and create a habitat for birds and
pollinators on 11th Avenue from Volunteer Park to Seattle University. Partners in the project are
Seattle Audubon and the Seattle Bird Conservation Partnership.

REVIVAL works to answer the question: “How do we rebuild, refuel, and heal our community after
years of interrupted business?” One form this has taken is sponsorship of outdoor pop-up
holiday market on Howell St. at Broadway and a Juneteenth Pop-up
Market in Midtown Square at 23rd & Union.

Zoom link:  https://tinyurl.com/5x6e7pvn

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