Cognition Concerns

  1. Patient education Evaluating memory and thinking problems (The Basics)
  2. Patient education Mild cognitive impairment (The Basics)
  3. Patient education Dementia (including Alzheimer disease) (The Basics)
  4. Evaluation of cognitive impairment and dementia, with chart and 5 tables
  5. Mental status scales to evaluate cognition
  6. AARP – The Real Deal on Brain Health Supplements Report 2019

Heart Concerns

  1. Patient education Orthostatic hypotension (The Basics)
  2. Patient education High blood pressure in adults (Beyond the Basics)
  3. Blood Pressure Measurement re Hypertension + Algorithm 1
  4. Stroke Etiology, classification, and epidemiology
  5. Patient education Peripheral artery disease and claudication (Beyond the Basics)
  6. Patient Education Heart Failure (Beyond the Basics) + Figure 2A-B
  7. Valvular heart disease in older adults
  8. Atrial Fibrillation – epidemiology, risk factors, and prevention + Figure 2
  9. Patient education Ventricular tachycardia (The Basics)
  10. Cardiovascular Disease – overview of risk factors + Figures 1,3 and Tables 6,7,8

Incontinence Concerns

  1. Patient education Urinary incontinence in females (and males)(The Basics) – UpToDate
  2. Patient education Fecal incontinence (The Basics)

Musculo-Skeletal Concerns

Sleep Concerns

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