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Enrollment for Osher Online Classes at the University of WA is happening now

Our own Ellen Berg is offering a class: the New Yorker 1925-2020. It will run for 4 Thursdays, from 10-12 a.m., starting on 3/4/2021. Cost will be $50. A $35 membership fee is charged in order to register for classes. Google Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Washington to get started. There are

Historic Preservation, Save the Pike Place Market Entrance Historic Building from Demolition

For quite some time we knew that eventually the beautiful historic Building at the Market entrance , the Hahn Building with the Green Tortoise Hostel, was going to be torn down in probably 2 years. BUT … there is still a chance to save it. On Dec 2, 2020 there is an important meeting coming

If you are troubled by Trump trying to overturn Michigan’s electoral college vote

This just in…Looks like Trump wants to overturn the popular vote in Michigan by pressuring state legislators there. Those law makers need to hear from us that they stand up to that unprescedented strong arm tactics. Contact infos at the bottom of this post.   If you feel strongly about this, don’t be shy to

Ellen Taussig

If you are a puzzler – as in jigsaw – you might enjoy a very challenging, delightful 1,000 piece puzzle I just finished.  It is of a Paris street scene by the artist, Vincent Giarrano.  Happy to pass it on and possibly swat puzzles in the future. Ellen Taussig 206-799-9157    

You Should be in Pictures

It is lovely to see member selfies in the member directory. An unmasked view, please. If you need help, please let us know: Kelly Marcum, Sue Lerner, or Wendy Carlton.

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