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Whatever your age or physical abilities, you are fully treasured as an integral and contributing part of our vibrant, caring community. All of us want to feel comfortable, connected, useful and respected, and Wider Horizons can help you make that happen.

Membership in Wider Horizons involves more than merely filling out a form and hitting Submit. We want to meet with you, to learn about you and what you are seeking, and to tell you all about Wider Horizons. To schedule a meeting, please click here and put "Join Wider Horizons" in the subject line. 


Meanwhile, here is the form all members fill out once we agree Wider Horizons is a great fit: Member Joining Agreement

     Select the type of membership you are signing up for. (Note that some membership types may have eligibility requirements which you must meet in order to sign up using that type.)


2.     Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to continue to the next step. (You can also press the "Back" button to return to a previous step if you need to update information already entered.)